Top Website List For Free Backlink Checker Tools-2017

There are many Free Backlink Checker tools in the web world. But today I am going to share few top website (backlink checker tools). Previously, your site would rank higher supported on the quantity of backlinks you’ve grown, but in 2016 it’s all about how many quality links you have. Each website holder and marketer should know backlinks quality and quantity.  At the present time Google considers quality backlink not quantity.

If you have quality inbound links to your website or blog, that help you to increase your website ranking with Page rank. In this article I will provide you the best website backlink checker tools. With the support of these tools you can calculate your website backlinks and its quality, quantity, link examination etc.  These website tools also assist you to internal linking of your website to develop search ranking in Google.


Why backlink checker tools is essential for your website or blog:

If any website links to your site from its website, that’s called backlinks. SEO Backlinks used to be one of the most important parameters for high page ranking and better keyword ranking. Still, Google relegated the priority of backlinks and added more indicators to rank a website or blog.

Backlinks are typically categorized in two ways:

Dofollow backlinks

No follow backlinks.

When we remark making backlinks, we have a tendency to typically target making dofollow links. Exploitation backlink checker tools, we have a tendency to count what number backlinks we've created for our web site. a decent range of backlinks helps vastly in rising the page rank and additionally the Moz rank of our web site.

Following square measure some free on-line backlink checker tools that may assist you to visualize all the incoming backlinks to your web site. You’ll choose anyone of those tools supported your necessities. a number of them supply elaborated results whereas others supply solely the quantity of backlinks, however none of them needs registration or check in that creates the method fast and simple!

 Top Webmaster Tools:

        1. Google Webmaster Tools
        2. Bing Webmaster Tools - Link Explorer
        3. Bing Webmaster Tools
        4. Yandex.Webmaster

    Best Online Backlink Checker Tools:

        5. Ahrefs Backlinks Report
        6. Ahrefs Site Explorer
        7. Alexa
        8. Backlink Watch
        10. cognitiveSEO Backlink Checker & Site Explorer
        12. Indexicon - Free Backlink Checker
        13. linkbird
        14. Linkody
        15. Linkody - Backlink Checker
        16. LinkPad
        17. LinkResearchTools - Backlink Profiler .
        18. LinkResearchTools - Quick Backlinks Tool
        19. Majestic
        20. Monitor Backlinks - Free Backlink Checker SEO Tool
        21. MoonSearch
        22. Open Site Explorer
        23. OpenLinkProfiler
        25. Searchmetrics Suite - Backlink Check & Analysis Tool
        26. SEMrush
        27. SEOkicks
        28. SEOlytics
        29. SEOprofiler
        30. Sheer Explorer
        31. Site Explorer
        33. Web SEO Analytics
        34. WebMeUp backlink tool

    Top Backlink Checker API's:

        35. Ahrefs API
        36. Majestic API
        37. Mozscape API
        38. SEMrush API
        39. SEOkicks API

 Famous Backlink Checker Software:

        40. SEO SpyGlass

        41. Traffic Travis


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