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Social Networking Sites is a best site to allow users to create public profiles and make a relationships service with other users of the same site. There you can create public profile, share thoughts, load/upload images and videos, make new friends, generate new groups, share links, advertise your business on the internet by using social networking sites. Now a day the social networking websites are used to improve SEO, Backlinks, etc. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, vk, Google+ are largest social networks in the web world.

Top List of Social Networks To Create Your Social Profile:

1.Facebook: Alexa rank = 2
Facebook is the most popular and powerful free social correspondence site on the internet world. Facebook was founded on 2004 by Eduardo Savarin, Dustin Moskovitz, Andrew McCollum, Chris Hughes and Mark Zuckerberg. Users must register before using the site. Then users can create personal profile, upload images and videos, create groups, page, make friends, send messages, video share. Worldwide active users on Facebook over 1.5+ billion.

2.Twitter   Alexa rank = 8
Twitter is another most popular micro blogging and free social networking website that allow users to read and send short text messages (140 characters) with image. It's a awesome messaging platform on the internet world. Twitter was founded in 2006 by Biz Stone, Evan Williams, Jack Dorsey Noah Glass. 250+ million active users use twitter and posted 350 million tweets per day.

3. Google   Alexa rank = 2
Google plush is a free social networking site create by Google inc. You can organize all Google apps Google+, Gmail, Google search by using it. 650 million active users use Google+ service. 39% Smartphone users used the Google+ app. Using Google+ you can create public profile, upload and share images and videos, make friends, join groups, create group, free video conferencing calls ,etc.

4. LinkedIn | Alexa rank = 2
LinkedIn is a proficient commerce leaning social networking website. LinkedIn founded by R. Hoffman in September 2002 and launched on June 2003. Linked users can post link, photos, idea, view photos, save jobs that they would like to apply for, like and comments on photos and videos. 299million word wide active users use this site.

5. | Alexa rank = 2 is a social platform that you can use to find ideas for all your missions and interests. it’s a most popular pins board’s method founded by Ben Silbermann. Pinterest users can upload and export images know as pins, and other content videos through albums known as pin boards. By using Pinterest, it you can promote your all kind of business online.

6. Instagram | Alexa rank = 38
Instagram is a photo and videos sharing social networking platform that enables its users to take images and videos. By using it you can share your post on other social media websites like Facebook, Flickr, Tumblr, twitter. Instagram build by Mike Krieger, Kevin Systrom and launched in November 2010. 150 million worldwide lively visitors use this website. 

7. | Alexa rank = 2
Tumblr is micro blogging social media platform. By using it users post images, text, videos, audios, and micro blogs, also you can follow other user blogs. Tumbler founded by David Karp later company Owned by Tumblr hosts 200 million blogs and more than 85.3 billion posts.

8. | Alexa rank = 2
VK (Vkontakte) is another popular Russian based social networking website. It is the 2nd leading social network site in europe. By using it users can create public profile, groups, uploads and share images and videos and play video games. VK establish by pavel durov. VK major function is messaging, news, communities, like buttons. 300 million worldwide users and $200million revenue.

9   Alexa rank = 245 
 Flickr is a another popular video and image hosting website that was produced by ludicorp company in the year of 2003.  It purchased by in 2005. Flickr users can share and embed individual images. 99 million users use Flickr and uploaded 3.9 million new images daily.

10  |  Alexa rank = 487 is a Latvia based social networking website. It was formed in July 2010. It is a question answer social networking platform. 77 million lively users use this site.

11.   Alexa rank = 504 is another well-known social networking gateway. It users can create various category group and join groups with Meetup.

12. |  Alexa rank = 1,302 
Foursquare is mobile devices based social network service. Its support Android, Blackberry, iPhones, Window Phones and smartphones. Foursquare established by Naveen Selvadurai and Dennis Crowley in the year of 2009. It more popular out of the US and UK. 66 million active user use this website.

13. |  Alexa rank = 1,423
Tagged is another social media networking website based in san Francisco California. Tagged established by Greg Tseng and Johann Schleier Smith in the year of 2003. People can share tags, play games, browse the profiles of other members by using this platform. There are  150 million users in world wide.

14.   Alexa rank = 2,245 
Myspace is a number one popular free social networking platform with music flooding. This website purchased by Justin Timberlake (Singer). Myspace was created by Tom Anderson and Chris DE Wolfe in the year of 2002. Myspace has groups feature which allowed a group of users to share a common page and message board.

15.   | Alexa rank = 3,289 
 hi5  is another top best social network website based in san Francisco California. The hi5 was founded by ramu yalamanchi in the year of 2003. Now the company purchased by tagged.

16. |  Alexa rank = 5,379  |  
 Meetme is a well-known social networking site which urbanized by two high school students Catherine, Cook.

17.  | Alexa rank = 19 
 Weibo is another most popular micro blogging service in china. 603 million users use weibo in world wide. Weibo was created by Sina corporation on November 2009. Near 150 million messages are posted each day by

If there any popular social networking sites that I overlook, please leave a comment with this one. I will add this one.


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