50 Free SEO Directory Sites for Building Backlinks

Given below is the list of Free SEO Directory Sites that we submit to. Most of the lists I found from Google searches. This SEO friendly web directory list is regularly updated. Right now, there are 50 directories in this list.

Free SEO Directory Sites

Few important things of our selected directory sites list:

1. All directories should be seo friendly.

2. The directory should be cached and indexed by Google. We run this check every 2 weeks.

3. If the directory has zero active links even after accepting quite a few submissions, we remove such directories.

4. If a directory has not approved any links within the last 3 months, we remove those directories.

5. We ensure that we don't have more than a few number of directories from a single IP.

6. I’ve regularly updated this list to add more quality sites and remove anything that’s no longer free or has lapsed in quality. 

List of Free SEO Directory Sites for Building Backlinks:

Directory Sites                                                                                            DA   
dmoz.org 79
scrubtheweb.com 74
directoryworld.net 70
somuch.com 68
jayde.com 65
rdirectory.net 65
dmoz.in.net 62
tsection.com 60
freewebsitedirectory.com 58
wwwi.co.uk 58
viesearch.com 57
1abc.org 53
businessseek.biz 51
cipinet.com 51
directmylink.com 50
directoryfire.com 50
prolinkdirectory.com 50
pedsters-planet.co.uk 49
amray.com 49
gainweb.org 49
linkbook.pcgraphicsolutions.com 49
the-web-directory.co.uk 47
links.scrabblestop.com 47
submission4u.com 46
suggest-url.net 45
elitesitesdirectory.com 45
inteligentd.com 45
linkpedia.net 44
1websdirectory.com 44
9sites.net 43
synergy-directory.com 43
wikidweb.com 42
247webdirectory.com 41
piseries.com 41
pr3plus.com 39
nexusdirectory.com 39
the-net-directory.com 35
linkdir.info 34
bestfreewebsites.net 34
suggestsite.net 33
nipao.org 33
sighbercafe.com 33
diggdirectory.com 32
10directory.com 32
visionwebdirectory.com 31
xysyst.net 29
seofreelinks.com 28
dir4uk.com 27
prweblink.com 27
royallinkup.com 27
adityawebs.com 26
directorybooks.com 25
leadinglinkdirectory.com 25
answerspots.com 25
seouplink.com 25
directories.cf 23
good-useful-links.com 23
visionwebseo.com 22
uklistingz.co.uk 21
webappsdirectory.com 21
findwebsite.net 20
localsuccess.org 96

I hope this Free SEO Directory Sites list is helpful to your own backlink building efforts :)))


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