How to get website traffic from pinterest?

Pinterest can provide a lot of profit for those that are ready to take their blog to the next rank. In this post I will describe how to get website traffic from pinterest?. One of the main benefits of Pinterest is that it could provide huge amounts of traffic to your websites,  if you can transport traffic to your blog or website, then this will give your blog a higher possibility of getting advertisers and sponsors to pay attention to your site. So ..........

Here are few tips to increase traffic to your website with Pinterest.

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Tip 1: Link Your Uploaded Pins Back to Your Website

One of the best feature of Pinterst is its facility to permit pins to be linked back
to any page on your website. This is a incredible way to drive back traffic to your blog.
Any time you upload a picture which will be related to your a blog post or your
website,  it’s a picture of you attending an event, It can be SEO,SMM, or if it’s a
podcast episode, a single pin you upload that’s related to your business should
go back to your website.

How to get website traffic from pinterest
It’s best done on the desktop version of Pinterest, is to fly your mouse over your uploaded pin until a pencil icon shows at the top right  corner. Click on it, and look for box that reads source. This is where you can add URL of your website, blog or any choice. This url then turn into the destination of the clicked pin. You can do this for any pin or repin as well.

Tip 2:  Add Your Web pegs to Your Pin’s Descriptions

Another best thing is you can do add your own website’s URL to your pin’s descriptions. This websites url are clickable in pin descriptions for the desktop version, but the urls listed in pin descriptions are not clickable on Pinterest mobile apps. If  full url is listed as well, making long and ugly urls not visually sociable on Pinterest. If you are considering using a url  shortened, think once more. If a visitors clicks on the shortened url link, it could lead to a Pinterest warning page appear that the link could lead to spam. This is why you don’t see many of them on Pinterest.

get more traffic from pinterest

The good news is that if you’re really somber about tracking website clicks in your pin descriptions to see if they are being clicked on, Pinterest does permit for UTM tracking.

Tip 3: Get Rich Pins for Your Blog

If you want to drive more traffic to your site, then I strongly suggest that you
apply rich pins for your blog.Rich pins are a exceptional type of pin that provides extra information to Pinterest users. The benefits include bolded headings for your pins, meta descriptions in use from your blog, on top of amazing call to action buttons, mainly on the iPad app version of Pinterest, which patently has a button that states Read this on.

Rich pins for articles will help you show up against the millions of other blogs that don’t have rich pins.

Tip 4: Join A Group Board Related to Your Blog

For all blog owners, joining group boards has been a great way of driving traffic. Group boards are Pinterest boards that have more than one provider. Here’s an example of a group board that what was created by kz khan about amazon products. His group board has over 10,700 followers with over 1,400 contributors.

How to get more traffic from pinterest

When you are able to contribute precious blog content, and expose yourself to millions of people through group boards, there is no hesitation that you are going to observe an increase in traffic. If the group is managed well, you are being exposed to the right viewers.
Locating group boards can be inflexible when you are starting off, There is  an excellent tool that I recommend to use is Pin Groupie. It’s a famous way to find
out group boards.

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